Manage your static and dynamic DNS
with entryDNS Basic, and more with PRO!


  • Complete control over all your domains and records
  • Host your website(s) using your own internet connection
  • Access your computer using a domain name instead of a numerical IP address
  • Maintain your privacy - we do not share your internet usage with third parties
  • Faster name resolution than Google Cloud, Azure, Amazon, Dyn, GoDaddy, OVH, Rackspace, EasyDNS - source


  • Dynamic DNS updates for Mac, Linux, Windows
  • Support for DD-WRT, Draytek, Synology & many other routers
  • Simple control panel for users to update/change DNS records
  • Token based API to automatically synchronise DNS A/AAAA records
  • Record types: SOA, NS, A, CNAME, AAAA, MX, TXT, SRV
  • Very low TTL values
  • Hybrid anycast infrastructure
  • PRO: 250 domains/subdomains per account
  • PRO: IPv6 support for both static and dynamic addresses
  • PRO: VPN, DNSSEC, vanity nameservers, more subdomain choices and more...
  • Feature Comparison


  • entryDNS is owned and managed by The Rocket Shop Ltd. in London, UK
  • New users pay a one-off registration fee of $15. This is non-refundable
  • The Basic package is FREE thereafter, PRO package is $15 per annum on top
    (Please note that as exchange rates fluctuate we reserve the right to amend our payment pricing accordingly)
  • You must keep your email address current so we can contact you in future - this is a condition of use
    (We will terminate an account if we can't contact you)