More features and dedicated support - all for $15 per year

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On top of this, we promise fast, detailed support and various other “goodies” for PRO users which we think you’ll like.

Go PRO - for professional DNS management and more…

Once upgraded to PRO, please contact us using if you have any issues or problems with using the system - we’re here to help. Please do not simply register a “chargeback" with your card issuer or a “dispute" with Paypal without contacting us first. Our policy on chargebacks and disputes is simple: We will refund your money! But where there has been no attempt to communicate with us first we will also immediately ban you and delete all domains on your account(s). We are working in partnership with others who maintain similar blacklists to share “bad user” information. We will not tolerate a very small minority jeopardising the smooth operation of this system for everyone else!